Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going Going Gone!

The distractors have come off and now Nathan has REALLY taken off! Nathan's distractors were removed on April 12th. The weekend before they were taken out, the distractor that wasn't replaced on the 9th of March started dangling from Nathan's cheek like the first set! I was in California at a wedding when that happened and so it was really great of Jake to sit and hold Nathan all weekend and to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with him to keep him from having another set completely fall out.

Jake and I are really pleased at Nathan's progress and recovery from this. It was a big surgery for such a little guy to go through, but as promised in a blessing from an apostle "he will have vigor and energy to complete his mission in life". He has truly started to show that. He was such a happy little camper after surgery to get those out! He just kept signing and saying "All gone, all gone!"

Yes Nathan, THEY ARE ALL GONE!!!