Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Elisabeth's first day of Kindergarten. She is going to Reagan Academy and has Mrs. Miller as her teacher. The school has a uniform policy (hence why she looks a little more formal than a normal kid). She changed her mind 3 different times yesterday as to what she was going to wear and which bow she wanted in her hair. The school did a 3 week stint of "pre-kindergarten" where the kids went to school without the rest of the other grades there. Ellie did well with that and realized that school wouldn't be that scary!

It seems a little wierd to me to be sending her off to school. Ellie is my first experience with what school is going to be like from a parent's perspective. Up until now I got to choose her friends and the people she surrounded herself with. Now.... I just hope that she can make friends with GOOD kids - like the friends that I had growing up. I'm just glad that Jake works down the hall as the middle school science teacher.

Maybe the reality isn't that I'm scared for what awaits Ellie as for what awaits me as she grows up. (And possibly that 30 is a little over 3 months away!).

(She came out a little (big?) ball of fire at 9lbs 11 oz kicking and screaming and letting her presence be known). She's no longer a baby, but man - she likes to make her presence known still!

Monday, August 9, 2010


And Good Riddance!!!

Nathan passed his sleep study test with flying colors!!! He does hypo ventilate, but the obstruction is gone and the sleep doctor that read and interpreted the test said that he felt that no further surgical intervention was needed at this time.


The pulmonologist did say that anytime Nathan had a surgery he should be very carefully monitored as his airway is not normal and is more prone to collapse. Hopefully he won't need any more surgical intervention for other body parts for quite some time.

Tonight we are going to celebrate!