Monday, December 17, 2007

Elisabeth's Christmas 2007 Picture

Ok - I know as a mom that I am my child's biggest fan. I also love having professional pictures taken of her because I feel like that since I have to work full time that I sometimes miss the subtle changes in her and professional photographers seem to (for the most part) catch her in a better setting than I do with my own camera. I wish that I had a digital SLR (I think that's the right initials) camera where I could change the f-stop setting to better catch the movements of a busy toddler. Hopefully my dear husband will read this post someday and will figure out what I would like for Christmas next year! I also want to take a photography class to really learn the proper way to take a picture. So until then, I will rely on my no-sitting fee coupons from JCPenny where the package is $7.99.
Although as a side note here - I have a love/hate relationship with JCPenny. I like that I usually get pretty good pictures from them at a good price, but I really hate that the people who work there have no idea how to work with kids. I'm lucky that Elisabeth is fairly photogenic and at an age where I can start to bribe her with a treat of some sort to get her to smile. I really disliked that at this last photo shoot where this picture was taken, that although I had the first appointment of the day (at 8:00 a.m.) on December 1st (the Saturday where it DUMPED snow in the morning), that the photographer was getting angry with Elisabeth and telling her that she was in a big hurry to get done. She was incredibly impatient with my child. What really bothered me was that she was talking to Elisabeth like she was a 4 or 5 year old who might actually understand her, instead of being 2, and also that there was no other people in the studio when we went in for the shoot. Calli - have you ever had this problem at JCPenny? It was really frustrating for me. I wish that I could afford to go to Kiddie Kandids more and have people take Elisabeth's picture that actually try to take the time to make my child at ease with them and so the pictures turn out better. I'm glad that Kiddie Kandids has their birthday portrait club where I can get the freebie picture on her birthday!
Anyway, with all of that being said, and in my own very biased opinion, I think that Elisabeth is absolutely beautiful in this picture with her long, natural curls and deep brown eyes. Jake & I will have our hands full with her when she turns 16.


Janice & Don said...

I love this picture!! You are so right, you are going to have a handful when she turns 16 (she looks so much like Kayla!!).

Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

What a cute picture of Elisabeth!
I too love the pictures that they take at JcPenney but I must say sometimes it is frustrating. The last time we went for our family pictures I waited forever to just look at the pictures so that I could order what ones I liked. I wish sears still did good coupons.
Thank goodness I don't go very often. I just use my camera a lot.