Monday, April 28, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary

The William Shakespeare Suite

This year because of so many things happening this month, Jake and I decided to do something we've never done for our anniversary. On April 26th (the day before our anniversary) we went and spent the night up at the Blue Boar Inn in Midway to celebrate Jake's birthday, Jake's graduation and our anniversary. Kathleen was super sweet and came to spend the night with Nathan at our house. Elisabeth went to my brother, Brian, in Spanish Fork. I realized that Jake and I have learned quite a bit about taking care of Nathan in this past month that we take for granted now. When Kath came she took meticulous notes on how to hook up the feeding pump, his oximeter and settings, bolus feedings through the g-tube, what to do if he had a "tet" spell, etc. We are so grateful that she came to watch him so that we could take a break!

We drove up to Midway and checked into our room at 7:00 p.m. We were so hungry that we decided to just eat dinner there. The food was excellent! Jake had lobster bisque and scallops. I had a center cut fillet with asparagus and a twice baked potato. For dessert we had Black and Tan, which was this parfait of Carmel, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and a fancy cookie. It was so good but so rich in taste! I ate about a third of it and gave the rest to Jake because I was so full.

We stayed in the William Shakespeare suite that had a jacuzzi tub. It also had a gorgeous view of the mountains. It was so nice just to be able to sit and have adult conversation with each other without having to chase a toddler or worry about a crying baby! Besides having Jake's parents take Elisabeth the night before Nathan was born and the night of March 11th when Nathan had his nissen and g-tube surgeries early the following day, we haven't had a night alone since Elisabeth was born. We're thinking that we should make this a yearly tradition!
Breakfast was included with the price of the room. We woke up and went down to the dining hall thinking that it would just be a small breakfast. What we came upon was Sunday brunch which included french pastries, crepes, fresh fruit martini's, a full entree of smoked salmon & eggs benedict ( or in my case french toast using marbled french bread and ham), and then lemon poppy English scones with fresh fruit and real whipping cream in the middle. It was heavenly! I totally blew off weight watchers this weekend and now I'm going to spend the rest of the week making up for it! We had such a great time!


Janice & Don said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary! I only wish my hubby would do something like this!

Auntie Kath said...

I'm so glad you guys had a nice time, you definitely deserve it.
I loved taking care of Nathan and he was so good! I took a couple cute pictures of him that I'll have to put on my blog.

Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

What a fun place to stay and the food sounds so yummy! Isn't it so wonderful to have a break!

Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

That was a nice write up of your fun experience at the Boar Inn. We too are so glad that you were able to swing that special occasion and celebrate it in a big way. You deserved it. Keep it up. It is nice to see the pictures.