Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ellie Funnies

I had to post an insight into the life of Elisabeth and the difference between Mom & Dad.

Last Sunday evening we went to Kathleen's new town home to check it out and to visit with her. After our visit, Jake and I buckled the kids into their car seats and Jake got in the car before I was done buckling in Elisabeth. He put the car into reverse, which in our car makes the door automatically lock. I hadn't opened the passenger door yet when the doors were locked. Jake unlocked the car and let me in. Here is our conversation that followed:

Jake: Ellie, how would you feel if we left Mom at Kathleen's house to live and you lived with just Dad and Nathan?

Elisabeth: I NEED my mommy. I love her and she helps me with stuff.

Jake: How about if I stayed and lived with Kathleen and you lived with Mom and Nathan?

Elisabeth: (pausing for a second or so) well, Dad we'd miss you!

Jake and I couldn't stop laughing. I have a hard time smiling still because of my surgery and I think I overstretched some muscles because I paid for it the next morning! Kids say the funniest things sometimes.


Kathleen said...

She does say the funniest things!

Janice & Don said...

That is the cutest thing ever~ your baby loves you! She's too smart for her britches!

Sheena said...

Just attach the pictures that you want me to do to an e-mail and I will spruce them up for you. It works better if I have the actual pictures than taking them off of the blog I think.