Thursday, April 23, 2009

Water Babies

Nathan and Ellie are both an Aquarius! We bought Nathan his first swimming suit (which drowns him and is size 6-9 months). I love that they make the suits that have a shirt with it too and that this year it is to cool thing to buy. Its great at hiding the g-tube and awesome at keeping the sunburns under control. We bought Ellie a regular swimming suit, but I also bought the cover because she wanted to be like Nathan and I love how modest it is.

On Friday afternoon while Grandma Ellinger was napping, we went back to the hotel to go swimming. Nathan LOVED splashing in the water. He would laugh and laugh every time he hit his hands to the water. Ellie thought it was great to go swimming in the "cold" tub and the hot tub. We need to take both of them swimming at the clubhouse more often!


The Mom said...

Oh such fun pictures of the kids. I was wondering lately if Nathan would like the swimming pool. That is good. Is he an Aquarius like his Grandmother Ellinger? Just curious. That is a great swimming suit for Ellie. I know that she loves the water. That was so nice that you were able to have fun as a family on your vacation.

Janice & Don said...

It is so awesome that you've found something that the kids like and is good for them (and you) too! I just love Nathans little face~ so full of joy. And isn't it so funny that Ellie has now hit the stage that she has to stand up straight for the camera!