Monday, May 3, 2010

Ellie's Tonsilectomy 04/22/2010

What would the Ellinger Family be known for if it wasn't for surgery? So - Ellie got to join in too. Poor kid had tonsils that were equal to Nathan's and she was having a hard time breathing at night. Instead of opting to try to help it with some meds, we opted just to have the surgery and be done. We've maxed our out of pocket this year (thanks Jake & Nathan!) and so we felt it was a good decision to have it done for Ellie.

She was such a trooper about it! She DID NOT WANT TO GET DRESSED! Grandma and I had to coax her into her clothes, but after that she seemed to do ok all things considered. Dr. Park was so gentle with her and the anesthesiologist was more than happy to give her some versed (the happy forget it all drug!). Ellie was so mesmerized by the toys that they gave her that it didn't bother her to go into surgery.

She did really well the first two days after surgery. Then day 3-9 were just AWFUL, especially at night. Now she is as good as new. We're proud of how brave she was! As a side note - she has only had 1 accident at night after having her tonsils out. That's amazing for that girl!

So yes, EVERY Ellinger (Jake, Ellie, Nathan, and myself) has had surgery in the last year. We should probably find a new way to bond as a family.

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Sheena said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you guys and surgery! I'm glad that you are all doing well now though.