Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tap, Tap Tap.......

Does this blog actually still function?

On some level it does. I should do better, but oh well.

For work I had to spend 2 weeks in June auditing companies in Chicago. Jake and I figured that he would not enjoy taking care of the kids for 2 weeks by himself so we opted to make this our "family vacation" for the year. We couldn't afford to fly, so yes... Kathleen (Jake's sister) and I braved the roads and the kids for a 2 1/2 day drive I hope not to repeat for quite some time. The kids were actually very good travelers, but 2 days in a car can be LONG. Jake's sister came out with us to help tend the kids because Jake's work decided that he would have to attend a work retreat for the first few days I was supposed to spend working in Chicago.

Before Jake flew out from Utah to join us, Kath and I decided we had to do a few fun things that Jake wouldn't want to do. The main event was the American Girls Doll Place. Wow! The dolls were incredible! I never had one when I was a girl, but I wish that I had. I bought Ellie the friend of Kit Kitredge (Ruthie) I believe. She has loved that doll and taken exceptional care of her since bringing her home. The store also had a doll salon, a doll hospital, and room for tea parties. It was AMAZING! Ellie has named her doll Emma Lynn Ellinger so it would be the same initials as her.

After the American Girl store we hopped on a bus and visited the Adler Planetarium. It is located right on the shore to the lake. It had such a fun children's area to play in and the kids had a great time. Who knows? Maybe someday one of them will be an astronaut or fly to the moon!

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