Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Only Ellie....

Though Elisabeth just adores Princess things such as the jewelry, stories, and bracelets... I believe that she is really more of a Tom Boy at heart. This summer she has been practicing riding her bike without holding on with her hands (she ditched the training wheels when she was 4!), doing "tricks" on her scooter, and practicing jumping/diving in the swimming pool. Elisabeth has taken 3 sessions of swimming this summer and is proficient at swimming by herself across the swimming pool at our clubhouse. She is a pretty daring kid who isn't afraid to have some good ol' fashioned fun.

Last Thursday after swimming lessons our niece Halee took her swimming at the clubhouse. Ellie was dying to practice jumping in the swimming pool and then after floating to the top she would swim across the pool. She ran to jump in the pool, lost her footing, and cut her chin open. Blood started gushing everywhere and Halee freaked out!

We took Elisabeth to the pediatrician who decided that because the cut was so straight that he would prefer to glue her chin back together rather than to stitch it back together. She was still freaking out quite a bit and so Jake bribed her with some Cold Stone ice cream. That seemed to help her quite a bit!

This is the second time Ellie has cut herself on her face. We know that with some of the stunts that she pulls it will only be a matter of time before she breaks a bone!

The pictures below were taken after her chin had been glued back together. I couldn't stomach the "before" pictures so I didn't post them!

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Nicole said...

Only Ellie. Poor thing.
Give the kiddos kisses for me!!! I might stop by this weekend???? possibly sunday??? with TREATS??? :) Let me know what you think about that!