Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

On December 11th we met up with our friends the Hansen's and Hamricks at the Blue Lemon to make "gourmet" gingerbread houses. The girls had such a fun time together! We hadn't seen the Hansen's since they moved away in July... Heidi and Ellie were good buddies and went to preschool together. The girls talked about school (kindergarten is a BIG deal to these two!) and babies. Lisa is due in January and us in June. We wished that they hadn't moved but totally understand the reasons for doing so!

Our class had everything necessary to build the houses. It was really interesting to see the couple who had taken their child to the class that was sitting next to us. Their house turned out beautiful! Except the little girl didn't seem to have any fun doing it since the parents did all of the work. Now, Ellie and I for the life of us could not get our house to stand. The gingerbread that was supposed to be the roof weighed too much and kept collapsing. Once we got a better roof and had some serious help from Carlee and Lisa we were on our way to a fun house building experience. It was fun to spend some girl time with Ellie. We don't get to do stuff like that very often and it meant a lot to me. Especially when she said, "Next year Mom we HAVE to do this again!". Yes, Ellie we definately HAVE TO do this again. And hopefully the Hansen's and Hamricks will be there too!

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Lisa said...

We must do it again next year, but maybe we could get together before then!! I think the expression on my face in the background in that last picture is pretty entertaining. We DID have much more fun than that picture conveys... lol