Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elisabeth's 6th Birthday

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I can't believe that Elisabeth is already 6 years old! Where did the time go? I vividly remember the day she was born... there was a huge snowstorm that morning and I was worried that we wouldn't make it to the hospital safely or that our families wouldn't make it either! But nothing could hold back 2 excited grandmas and they were both there.

Elisabeth was born with a big personality. Its not necessarily a bad thing - her biggest weakness is also her biggest strength in many regards. Because she is a forward thinker I believe it has also be easier for her to accept Nathan and to also help mold him into the cute little guy that he is today. She doesn't hold back with him and encourages him to eat and to play like any other normal kid. Ellie has a very strong will, but that has also has helped her do very well in school because she wants to do and be the best at everything she can.

Elisabeth at 6 Years Old:
1. Loves kindergarten and is on a D-E level of reading.
2. On the Measure of Academic Progress Test at her school tnat she recently took, she scored in the 87% nationally for her math skills.
3. Her job at home is to remind us to read scriptures nightly as a family. She is reading out of the Book of Mormon and able to read and recognize a great majority of the words.
4. She loves being in the 500 Club at school (where the student reads 500 minutes every month). It is her goal to be the first one in her class to make it every month.
5. She is VERY EXCITED to be getting a sister in a couple of months and loves to constantly remind me of how big my stomach is getting. I wish she wasn't so eager to remind me of my growing pains!
6. Her favorite food is spaghetti. The odd thing is she won't eat it with the spaghetti sauce. Just a little cheese on the top...
7. Her favorite activity is taking cooking lessons with her Grandma Ellinger. She looks forward to just spending time with her and is actually doing very well in learning how to cook. It has been the best Christmas present ever for her.
8. She is learning how to play the piano and is doing a great job.
9. She has lost 4 teeth and another 2 should be coming out in the next couple of months.
10. She loves to hang out with her friends and especially to play outside riding her bike or playing with Addison. She loves that it is almost springtime so she can be outside more.

For Elisabeth's 6th birthday we had a very low key birthday party for her. Libby, Mallory, Shawn, Kristin, and Kathleen came to celebrate with us. Grandma and Grandpa Ellinger were at a conference that weekend and weren't able to make it. We had the good ol' cake and ice cream. Kristin made Ellie's birthday cake and did a great job with it. The birthday party was held the Saturday before her birthday and so we decided that Libby and Mallory could sleep over as part of Ellie's party. The girls had such a fun time together!

On Elisabeth's actual birthday on the 15th of February we invited Grandma, Grandpa and Kathleen to come over and have dinner with us. Ellie loves salmon too and so we had salmon, asparagus and rice for dinner. Afterwards Ellie and Grandma blew out birthday candles together since they share the same birthday. Elisabeth loves that she has that in common with her Grandma.

On the day of Elisabeth's birthday party we had raspberry crystal light. Ellie loves that stuff which is why in every picture of her she has a red ring around her mouth. She can be such a silly kid sometimes!

Jake and I are grateful to have Elisabeth in our lives. She is a great kid and we couldn't imagine what life would be like without her!

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