Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Love

On the day I was married, I thought to myself... The is the best day of my life EVER!

On the day Elisabeth was born I recanted that statement when I saw Jake holding her in his arms looking so excited to be a Dad.

Though the day Nathan was born was very scary and many tears were shed for the unknown, I counted my blessings and thought that his life was going to help make mine happier and more complete.

I again recanted my statement when Emmaline was born. I was excited for Jake to once again hold a healthy baby and for Elisabeth & Nathan to have a sister. As I watched Elisabeth and Nathan hold her together for the the first time again I found myself thinking "This is the best day of my life EVER!".

I took these pictures on a Sunday morning when Emmaline was one month old. Though I was a little frustrated that each child wasn't entirely cooperating with me and the camera, I had this feeling of love come over me for each of my children. I am very much in love with each of them and cannot wait for all of the good days to come when I can think "This is the best day ever!". I feel very blessed to have them in my life.


Janice & Don said...

Ooooooo!! I'm in love with those pictures too! Especially Ellie kissing Emmaline!

Lisa said...

These are sweet. Your family is so cute. Good job with the camera. You never know how things will turn out when taking pictures of kids!

Tammy said...

those are some of the most beautiful pictures ever!!

Kathleen said...

I am also in love with these children and the pictures are so sweeet. I sure am lucky to be their aunt!