Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Bob

Jake & I had officially had it over the fight with Elisabeth to do her hair. Every morning would turn into a crying fest because she would not let us comb her hair. It was getting so long that she was putting the ends of it in her mouth and eating it. It was so disgusting! The tangles were out of control and the only way she'd let us comb her hair was to wash it first and then put it into a ponytail. Our lives were already busy enough without having to bathe a 3 year old every morning just to be able to do her hair. The fights would turn into screaming, kicking and crying fests. We just couldn't deal with it anymore! Now don't get me wrong - I adored Elisabeth's THICK, rich dark brown hair. I LOVED being able to make it look cute. I just didn't have the time to care for it the way it should be. Honestly - I was spending more time chasing her around the house with a comb than I was doing my own hair every morning. It had to stop! Jake and I talked about it and even though we were sad about losing her hair it had to go! I took Elisabeth to Amy Rosenbaum and had her cut it into a cute bob. It is so much easier to take care of now! She can't eat it and the detangler works perfectly on that length of hair. I can flat iron it to make it look nice or I can just put a head band on it. It is WONDERFUL!!! (A special thanks to Amy for being so patient in trying to cut her hair!)

This is Elisabeth's hair in February at her birthday. We had just cut off 5 inches then to see if we could get her hair under control! Obviously we didn't do enough at that point!

The Bob: I LOVE IT!

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Sheena said...

That is such a cute haircut on her. Don't worry, she'll be able to grow it out later when she can do it by herself!