Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum / "Ur, em..... You Can Go In Now?

Last Tuesday night Jake and I decided to take the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. They were having the $2.00 Tuesdays during the month of August and so we thought it would be fun to go see what was up there.

Elisabeth absolutely LOVED the exhibit and all of the "hands on" activities that they had to do. It was crowded, but she was excited to see and do EVERYTHING. Nathan, on the other hand, pretty much slept the whole time. Dinosaurs just aren't his thing yet I guess. After we got thru the museum, we took Ellie & Nathan over to the Ice Cream Parlor and shared a HUGE ice cream sundae which was so YUMMY. Even Nathan had a try of the ice cream. He wasn't too sure about the temperature of it, but at least he tried to swallow!

The funny thing of the night happened as we were entering the exhibit. Apparently absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the museum. They had a 17 year old boy standing by the entrance where he had confiscated 18 - 20 water bottles, sippy cups, etc. I hadn't noticed the sign stating the policy and so when the boy asked if we had food or drink with us, I pointed to Nathan's backpack which had his feeding pump in it. Nathan was connected to the pump and in the process of being fed. This was our conversation:

Him: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed. You're going to have to leave that with me hear and come back and get it later.

Me: Um, he's eating right now.

Him: I'm sorry, you can come back for the backpack LATER.

Me: (Holding up the backpack with the tube hanging out leading to Nathan) (also nodding to this boy like he's three years old) HE'S EATING RIGHT NOW. THIS IS CONNECTED TO HIS STOMACH... WOULD YOU LIKE TO KEEP THE BABY FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS?

Him: (doing a double take not fully understanding what I had just said)(then suddenly his eyes got HUGE and his face looked SURPRISED)... (I was still holding up the backpack and pointing to the tubing for him at that point).... Ur..................em.......................... (about 30 seconds later)....."You can go in now?"

I so wish I would have had a camera! His face was absolutely priceless! That's the one time that having a baby with a G-tube certainly had its benefits!


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

That was fun looking at the pictures and reading the story about the "ticket taker" boy who wouldn't allow the food into the museum. I am so glad that you have that in "writing". It will be a great story for later when Nathan no longer has a G-tube. These a great experiences for Elisabeth to learn. That must be quite the effort especially after working a 10 hour day. You are going to have to teach me how to put the little blurbs on the side for each of the blogs of the family members. That's cool!

Janice & Don said...

Too Funny! I would have loved to see that one- the pictures are so cute too. Elisabeth is getting to be so big. Crazy!

carolyn q said...

Oh my goodness. . .I wished I could have been there to witness the look on that boy's face too. . .to funny!
Glad you had a great time at the Dinosaur museum. . .my Nathan loves that place!
We still need to figure out a evening to have you guys over for dinner.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

That poor teenager! Yes, he was trying to keep you from going in, but that would have gone on my list of "most embarassing moments" if I'd been him. I had a good laugh!