Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 6, 2008 - IHH Fun Walk/Run

Jake and I belong to this AMAZING Group called Intermountain Healing Hearts. This group is for those with congentital heart defects and their families. All of the heart defects are so different with each of these kids, but there are so many people in the group who are honestly concerned with each other's welfare. Jake and I have met some of our best friends through this group and honestly, this has been one of the blessings thrown at us in the midst of Nathan's problems.

On September 6th, some of the Ellinger family participated in the fun walk/run fundraiser the group had. Jake and I were so excited that Kathleen, Dad, Shawn, Kristin, Libby & Mallory could join us. Next year we are hoping for even more to come and support us and Nathan in the cause. Next summer there is going to be a retreat for families of heart kids. The group is earning money for that and for CHD awareness week during the week of Valentines Day. There is also a website that the group has a forum on for members to ask questions or to get support during a difficult time. I've said it a thousand times before but I'll say it again, its very comforting to be surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through.

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Tammy said...

hey ellinger's wow you guys are seriously my inspiration, not only do you work get up with nathan bake bread redo your backyard and more everyday, I think im a klutz for complaining about working an 8 hour shift. Your work 10's and do all this stuff, Jake teaches school and im sure he has to bring home papers to grade, yet you always have time to chat, and smile and let our kids play together, you are a very inspirational family, thanks for always smiling and being there anytime... also im so amazed with the progress nathan is making way to go buddy! tammy