Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!!! (And Mulan too!)

Nathan just ADORES Toy Story. Ever since we took him to see Toy Story 3 last summer he is constantly talking about Buzz Lightyear. Even in his sometimes garbled speech you can make out, "To finity and yond!" We bought his costume about a month and a half ago and he likes to strut his stuff in it at least 3-4 times a week. If we didn't need to get to his g-tube I'd let him wear it all of the time.

Poor Ellie! I got 1 (yes just 1) picture of her at Halloween. It was because we were at the ward trunk or treat and she was DYING to get started. We went along for about 10-15 minutes before the wind, rain, and HAIL!!! came. It was quite comicle to watch 350+ people scream and run to their cars all at the same time. Since Jake had his leg in a cast and couldn't get it wet, we decided to bag trick or treating and went home to get in our pj's and watch Jumanji with the kids. We made some yummy pumpkin cookies and popcorn and made a mess all over the place! It was super fun!

Nathan had so much fun trick or treating. He even tried to eat a couple of chocolate bars which is a big improvement over last year.


Lisa said...

I would want to let him wear that costume all the time too! He looks ridiculously cute in it! Our Halloween pictures are actually from two days before Halloween (our ward party) because I knew that I would forget/be too busy on the actual night! But, at least you got ONE picture!!

Sarah said...

"Poor Ellie! I got 1 (yes just 1) picture of her at Halloween."

Sorry, can't help myself...I have to laugh. Same thing happened with Grace, and it wasn't even a good picture. Like Ellie she was so excited to start the trunk-or-treating, then it was raining, and afterwards she was cold and wet and cranky we didn't WANT a picture. We'll do better next year...maybe.