Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She's Pinkalicious

For Halloween a local farmer donated a pumpkin to every child at the school to help with the "Reagan Reads" program. Each child was assigned to dress up their pumpkin like a book or book character. Ellie had to choose Pinkalicious. I think she did a pretty good job of helping me make the tutu and painting her face. This was a fun project for us to work on together!


Janice & Don said...

Oh my heck! That is the cutest pumpkin I've seen in a long time!! Great job Ellie!

Teresa said...

Hi. This is totally off the subject of how adorable your daughter is but I somehow came across your blog last night and it sucked me in! I was looking for information regarding jaw distraction. Seems like we have pretty much all the same doctors and surgeons at PCMC, so I had to laugh. Your family is amazing and you have been through so much. I have SO many questions about this jaw surgery and wondered if you would email me so that I can talk to you about it. Dr Muntz is great to answer questions but there is nothing like a parents point of view. My email is Thanks so much and hope things are going ok for you guys.

About Me said...

Hey I'm making a CHD awareness video for my blog. If you would like Nathon on it will you please email me a picture, his birthday, and his defect. Thanks. Jessica

Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

Very cute pumpkin! My kids loved looking at it!