Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Dad, You're Fired!"

In my way of trying to keep up with the kids and the things they do and say I have to post this about Nathan: He fired Jake as his dad, which is actually kind of funny since Nathan loves Jake fiercely! I had gone visiting teaching one evening last week during Nathan's regular g-tube feeding. Jake, bless his heart, was trying to take care Emmaline and Ellie's dinners as well as keeping the house under control. He had fed the kids at the table (which Nathan worked on his eating too at the table) but Jake completely forgot to tube feed Nathan. After I came home we all sat down on the couch together to watch "Anerica's Got Talent". At 8:30 we told the kids it was time for bed. Nathan exclaimed, "But I'm HUNGRY!" At first I didn't believe him, but then the mom in me started to wonder... was he fed? Sure enough when I asked Jake about it he sheepishly admitted that he had forgotten. Nathan was standing right next to me and exclaimed "Dad, You're Fired!" Silly boy. As soon as Jake fed him the next time he became "unfired". As a mother, I love watching the interaction between Jake and Nathan. Its fun to see them play together and to have such a good relationship. I love to see how Jake is teaching Nathan to treat his sisters and I with respect. I love to see them get excited about football together. I love that Jake sees Nathan beyond his inabilities. I worried that Jake would feel hurt that his only little boy wouldn't be able to do the things like playing football that Jake would want him to. I should feel stupid for worrying about that because Jake has never thought of Nathan in that way at all. Jake really is the perfect Dad for Nathan.

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