Friday, November 9, 2007

Elisabeth Halloween Pics and Life

I love the way that these pictures turned out. I had them taken at JCPenny's. I'm usually pretty good about not spending money that I shouldn't, but I have a hard time resisting having pictures taken and then buying more than I should have. My only saving grace was a coupon.

Jake has been gone to Denver these past couple of days attending a science teacher's conference. Now I can semi-understand how he feels about having to take care of Elisabeth by himself when I'm gone to work out of state. Its not that she's a hard child (she has been especially goood this week), she just has more energy than I have. We have been painting the baby's room and she has been so good about not getting into the paint and helping herself to the fun. She has quietly sat in her portable crib reading to every baby she has "My Grandpa is Great" and "Have You Seen My Potty?" Janice and Sheena, when you come home at Christmas and in January, you both have to read the latter book. It is so funny! Just ask Mom & Dad about how Jake and I couldn't stop laughing the first time that Grandma Ellinger read the story to Elisabeth. We were both gasping for air by the end of the story! You'd think that Jake and I need more adult time with each other because now the potty story has overtaken our lives.
I'm so excited about the baby's room. I painted it palm green on two walls. If I'd only been able to take a picture of myself taping the walls that would have been a sight to see for everyone. My belly is getting so big that I was having a hard time reaching the ceiling without ramming the wall with my stomach. I certainly got my exercise though getting on and off the chair to tape and paint. I'm hoping that I will have the baby's room completely decorated before Jake comes home on Saturday night. I don't think that I've hit "the nesting phase", but I'm in the mode of "I just want my house put together in some resemblance of order!" I hate moving. I could say that a hundred times and so it had better be a long time before we have to move again. I will post pictures of the baby's room when I get finished.
I'm just so excited that as of Sunday I will only be pregnant 10 more weeks!!! Yeah - I'm seriously ready to be finished with being pregnant. I was talking with Mom a couple of weeks ago and I realized that I don't show as much appreciation about being able to easily have a baby when I want as I should. I'm grateful to have this baby on the way and to add another little one into our family. I'm just experiencing "growing pains". I feel like there is no more room to grow and he's going to start packing on a little less than a pound a week starting in the next couple of weeks. I had one audit ask me if I was due in the next couple of weeks. (How embarassing to look 9 months along when I've only barely hit 7). Oh well, at least there is Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to before the baby comes. That should help time pass a little more quickly.


The Mom said...

I really like your posts. They are so informative and will be great for you when you want to put your family history together for this year. Cut pictures of Elisabeth! Hang in there with the pregnancy. I remember about now in my pregnancies I was ready for it to be over. I think that is why patience is one of the divine characteristics. It takes awhile to develop but so important to learn. We will try to support you throught these last few months.

Eric and Sheena said...

Eric and I will definitely have to read the potty book when we get there. I can't wait to see your house and the baby's room. Just be grateful that you've been able to decorate/paint your rooms whatever color you want. I want to do that soooo bad! Do you have a set date for a C-section? That's one good thing about C-sections; you can plan it. I will not go a week over my due date next time I have a baby!

Janice & Don said...

These pictures are so cute! I'd better be getting one. Elisabeth seems to be getting bigger and smarter everyday! I miss her (and you too, of course!) Only 10 weeks til your done and I'm there!!!