Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scrapbook pages

I love Christmas! I could say that a hundred times or more. I'm getting antsy to put up the Christmas tree and to decorate the house with holly and nativity sets. I know how Jake feels about not getting into Christmas too early and so I'm going to do my best to respect his wishes of not putting up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving! (I'm unsure though if I'll really make it this year!)

Anyway, in honor of my favorite holiday, I'm posting some scrapbook pages of pictures from last Christmas. This holiday season is going to include a lot of "firsts"; some sad and some to look forward to. I would like to start a new family tradition this year and am looking for some good ideas of what Jake & I could do. Please post any thoughts you have.

Also, I wanted to include a couple of more scrapbook pages to share with Janice. These are just random ones of Elisabeth. Enjoy!


Janice & Don said...

Is it your goal to make me cry all day? The pages are great- a tradition that we have (started with just Brennan and I the year we lived with Alisha) are ornaments and Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. The Children's Place has some really cute X-mas pjs (it's where I got the boys).

Eric and Sheena said...

What is it with guys and not wanting to "start Christmas too early." Eric and his brothers are the same way. I've softened him a little bit though. I can't wait for Christmas either. It's much more exciting now that Maryn is older and we can spoil her! Love your scrapbook pages. I'll have to get some ideas from you.

The Mom said...

I too love the scrapbook pages. You are so cleaver and creative! I wish that I had that talkent and ability. I will have to think on some ideas for traditions for Christmas before I can give you any ideas. You might throw it by Jakob that Bruce asked me today when we could start putting up Christmas decorations. So is this something to do with age?

Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

Your scrapbook pages are darling! I hope I can find some time to scapbook again. I am also very excited for Christmas. I love the feeling this time of the year brings, I wish that it lasted longer!