Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm up for tag - per Sheena's blog. Here are the answers that I would give:

4 places I've lived - I too would not want to share quite that much personal information on this blog.

4 jobs I've had - Its sad to say that I think I've had only 4 jobs in my life. That's ok though; they are: Keeping Memories Alive, Ricks College, Nebo School District and of course Utah State Tax Commission.

4 favorite desserts - apple crisp, my mom's homemade brownies (with marshmellows, nuts and chocolate frosting), ice cream and Stephen's Gourmet hot chocolate (specifically made in the cocomotion by Jake with whipped topping and marshmellows on the top). The latter two consitute the only two true seasons that exist on this planet. Forget fall, spring, summer and winter, its truly just hot chocolate and ice cream seasons. They also blend so nicely together!

4 interesting facts about me - my pinkie fingers only comes up way up in comparison to my ring fingers, my husband is the first guy I ever kissed as well as the last guy I'm going to kiss(I'm not going to name how many other guys I kissed before I actually got around to marrying Jake!), I've been to more bars than anyone in the Ellinger Family (I'm not sure if I could say that about my own family and I was only going for work!), and I can play the Can-Can on two different pianos at the same time in every musical key.

4 favorite movies - The Sound of Music, Pillow Talk (with Doris Day), Harry Potter, and Return to Me.

4 people I'm tagging: Janice, Calli, Tammy (this is your invitation to start a blog, and Kristin.

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