Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nathan's Titration Study

Last night Nathan and I drove up to Primary Children's again and spent the night in the sleep lab. The point of the exercise was to reevaluate the settings on Nathan's BiPap machine and to make sure that he was getting enough oxygen at night. I have to admit, I was SO TIRED since I'd gotten up at 5:00 a.m. to clean the kitchen that by 9:30 p.m. last night I just wanted to crawl up on the floor and go to sleep. I started Nathan's feeding pump after he was connected to all of the probes. The nurse came in about 45 minutes later to wake me up to turn off the pump that had been alarming! Oops. (What can I say? It's exhausting to be a mom!)

Nathan didn't cry at all when they hooked him up to all of the probes. He was a little irritated when they put the oxygen mask on him, but since he's used that machine at night for 2 1/2 months, this is becoming old news to him. The technicians both commented that they both drew straws to see who'd have to hook Nathan up because babies this age HATE that process and are mobile enough to start ripping things off. There was another baby there last night a little younger than Nathan. He screamed for an hour and a half straight while Nathan had a smile on his face and was contently playing with his g-tube and oximeter. The tech was quite pleased with herself for "losing".

I need to interject here and say that Nathan is the easiest going baby I have ever seen. I needed him to be that way with all of his other issues!

We'll get the results back in about 2 weeks. On the 19th of December we are seeing Dr. Park (ENT) and Dr. Hoffman (eye doctor). Then its off to our first vacation with Nathan to see Great Grandma Ellinger in Sacramento!

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Tammy said...

Well its been forever since I have been online looks like you guys have been super busy! maybe next year we will have to join you on the polar express. I hope the results from the titration study come soon and positively, best wishes to you all Tammy