Monday, December 8, 2008

Polar Express

On December 4th, Jake and I took the kids up to Heber City to ride the Polar Express. It was so much fun! Grandma and Grandpa Ellinger had also bought tickets to go with us, but since Grandma didn't feel very good that evening, Aunt Kath went in her place. It was such a fun experience; Elisabeth has been reading the story and watching the DVD for weeks in anticipation of this event. We sat at the back of the train car and ate hot chocolate and cookies made by Mrs. Claus. The story of the Polar Express was also read and Elisabeth listened very quietly to the narrator. The elves on the train came and visited with Ellie several times asking what she wanted for Christmas and telling jokes to her. Ellie didn't let a smile off of her face the whole time that we were on the train. The ride was made to look and feel as close to the story as possible. We traveled by the damn and could look over the water (which looked like the polar ice cap in the story). Midway and Heber cities could be seen in the distance. The sight at night was breath taking!

Santa Claus visited our train car in the middle of the car singing Christmas carols. At first he stopped by Jake and asked if he had been good this year. Then he went straight to Ellie and handed her the first bell. She was so excited that she had gotten to be the child who was given the "First Gift of Christmas" just like the boy in the story.

Ellie can be a little pill sometimes; very headstrong and stubborn, just like both of her parents. Jake and I find it very frustrating sometimes to raise her. When we go on activities like this where we can be a part of the action and look at it through her eyes, we find it very rewarding to be her parents. I think that Jake and I were more excited to take her on this trip than she was to go! This is definately must do again activity in the future!

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Janice & Don said...

Oh, I just love the picture of Nathan where he is sitting up~ he looks so big and strong and cool! I wish we were there to go with you to do fun things like this- I miss being with family, esp over the holidays. At least you have your wonderful in-laws to go out and have fun with. Merry Christmas!