Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Since I didn't have a camera with batteries that would function properly, I had to swipe these off of Calli's blog! (Thanks Calli for putting them up!)

My mother in law has ambition. She decided for our family reunion this year that she wanted to hold a Daddy-Daughter Dance and that she would sew each one of her five granddaughters a play dress and a princess dress. The dresses turned out perfect! Before the dance she had the little girls go to the MATC college (where Nicole, our babysitter, goes to school) to get their hair done, a little bit of makeup put on, and to have their finger nails painted. The little girls ATE IT UP! It was so fun watching them get ready and to feel so grown up.

My mother in law didn't stop there though. Before the dance we met at her house and had a lesson on modesty. My cute little nephew, Keaton, made us all die of laughter. You have to keep in mind that he is 5 1/2 years old. This is Calli's (his mother's) account of what happened:

Grandma wanted to teach her grandchildren about
modesty. She had the children tell her what dresses
were and weren't modest. Grandma then asked, "What
if you can see her belly button?" Keaton replied, "Well
then you could see all the way down to her ninnies!"
Everyone about fell off their chairs laughing, guess I
should have just told him what the real name for them was!

You know something though? Each of of those children older than 2 understood what Grandma was telling them and several times Elisabeth has pointed out to me people in magazines or even at the grocery store who aren't modest. She has also been a little more careful about wearing shirts under dresses and other outfits that aren't quite as modest as they should be. I think its a lesson that will stick with her.

The dance was wonderful! We waltzed, did the tango, the Bunny-hop, swing, you name it! It was just fun to get up and move with the family where no one cares what you did. My mother is law also had each of the dads get up with their children individually and tell everyone why that child was special to the family. Ellie ate it up that her daddy had good things to say about her. A couple of weeks later Ellie said to Jake, "Next year at our dance, you should tell everyone that I'm a good swimmer and that I can be helpful sometimes too!" Ah kids!

We all had a good time! (Although now that Grandma has done so much sewing for the girls, Ellie wants Grandma to make MORE dresses for her!) I married in to a great family!

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