Monday, August 3, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

This weekend we went with Ben and Tammy, our good friends, to Bear Lake. We split the cost of renting a condo and played on the beach all day Saturday. We had such a good time! (I'm not sure how Ben and Tammy tolerated us, but we want to make this a yearly tradition!) Overall, I think the kids did very well playing together. Although we usually do this trip camping style, I'm a big fan of renting a condo now! Next year we're going to reserve it much earlier so that we can get a bigger condo to split (and one that doesn't have a wierd jungle theme going on with it).

The best part? The raspberry shakes! Yum, I can't get enough of those every year.

What I would do again? Not go during Raspberry Days! Ugh!!! It was so crowded this year!

Thanks Ben & Tammy for such a good time!

Besides renting a waverunner for a couple of hours and having fun with it, Jake was just content to sit and read a book for the afternoon and snooze away with Nathan. In this picture his knees and legs are white, but after a couple of hours in the sun without a reapplication of sunscreen, he looked like a lobster!

Kayden LOVED swimming in the water and playing in the dirt. This boy was in 7th heaven up there!

Tammy sat on the sand and played with Carlee for a while. That little girl is such a tomboy! Mud, mud, and mud was all it took for her to be happy the whole day!

Ellie had a great time playing in the mud too although she was just as happy to get in the water and to play. She LOVED having Tammy's kids there to play with.

Ben was the BIGGEST kid of them all. The whole day he sat and dug in the sand with the kids making huge sandcastles and then just a big whole in the ground. The kids loved it though. It was good to have Ben there to keep everyone entertained.


This is the picture of Ellie with the look that says, "I can't believe you are taking a picture of me when I'd rather be playing!"

These next 2 pictures of Ben speak volumes about him!

Ellie and Chris playing in the water. One of the things I love about Bear Lake is that the kids have room to roam in the water without us feeling like they are going to drown.

Carlee in the ZONE!

Nathan is a rather odd child sometimes which in some ways make him such an easy baby. He REFUSED to let us put him on the sand to sit and play. This boy has serious texture issues. He happily sat in the stoller ALL DAY without whining or crying. He loved watching the other kids and taking a long nap on the beach. What a silly child!

Carlee making a sand castle. Did I mention how much that girl loves the dirt?


Tammy said...

so cute! of couse we want to go!!!

Janice & Don said...

Such cute pictures! Sorry we couldn't go, but next year FOR SURE!!!

Sheena said...

I just saw Dan and Calli's Bear Lake pictures and I'm so jealous. I miss going up there so bad. Your pictures are great though and I'm glad you guys had a good time.

P.S. remind Jake that we have sunscreen for a reason. I bet he hurt so bad!

Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

Wow! That was fun looking at the events of your great weekend. It was like I was right there with a play by play of the action on the beach. Looks like Nathan takes after his dad, relaxing on the sidelines. Sounded like a whole lot of fun. That is nice that you are making it a tradtion.