Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IHH Heart Walk

Its that time again! Intermountain Healing Hearts is holding their annual heart walk on September 12th. The donations for this go towards helping provide care packages to families and to help support a summer camp for heart families to attend. This group means the world to us!

Last year it was great to see Kristen, Shawn, Libby, Mallory, Kathleen, and Dad attend the walk with us. This year we are aiming for a better turnout! Mom, Dan & Calli, etc. this is your invite! I'm hoping that I can get Brandon, Jessica and Stephen (my nephews and niece attending BYU) to come too!

And maybe, just maybe, Nathan will be walking a little bit just in time for the heart walk. I guess what I'm trying to say is that not only do I view this as a great opportunity to do something enjoyable and to help other's out, but its in a small way a celebration of Nathan's accomplishments in the last year. That little guy is a fighter. 16 surgeries in 18 months. And its not just him, its so many other children and adults (like Kristin)just like him! Please come and join us for this event!


Melissa said...

Thanks for spreading news about the walk! See you all there!

Kathleen said...

I'll be there!!!

carolyn q said...

I can't wait to see Nathan walk a little, even a few steps. That will make it all the better.
Thanks for spreading the word too.