Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Notice the New Ticker -

No, I'm not pregnant and don't plan on becoming that way any time soon! However, after 3 YEARS of braces as an ADULT, I'm finally getting them off!!!

September 3, 2009 is the BIG DAY!

I deserve a little love here because it wasn't just wearing braces for three years, I now have 14 pins and 4 metal plates in my face that I will keep with me until I die. That doesn't count the permanent retainers that I'm asking to be placed so that after all of this misery and embarrassment as an adult that my teeth will be just as I need them to be.

22 more days till I can say, "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!"


Kyle and Alli said...

This makes me happy! Kyle had braces in his adult life and got them off two weeks before we got married... it was kind of fun to kiss him in the braces stage....took me back to high school! :) What is the big plan to celebrate??

Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

You deserve a big celebration for having to deal with that for so long, and especially for the surgery you had to endure.

carolyn q said...

HeHee, you won't be tinsel mouth in any of the pictures at the IHH Walk. I will have to make sure we get a close up of you with your straight pearly whites.
You have had to endure so much so I am excited that it's coming to an end for you.