Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gymnastics, Staples, and Ellie

Ellie is my monkey...poor kid was blessed with (cursed?) the Larson clumsiness. I swear that sometimes all she has to do is walk around the house and she'll trip for no reason. That being said you'd think she would really have struggles with balance on a bike or a balance beam. She learned to ride her bike without training wheels at age 4 and can walk across the balance beam without any help to keep her from falling. I think the difference is that she loves to do both of those things and she is really focused when she does those activities. She amazes me!

Remember how Ellie had to have her chin glued back together a while back? She was sitting on our coffee table and laughing at Nathan a week and a half ago. She wasn't watching what she was doing and slid off the back of the coffee table and the back of her head caught on the corner of my piano bench and gashed it open. She started screaming in pain and I had her turn around so I could look at her head. I placed one hand on her head to steady it and felt this wet oozy feeling on it. I took my hand off her head and looked at it to discover it was COVERED in blood. I looked frantically for the source since head wounds are always worse than they seem and sure enough she had an inch and a half gash in the back of her skull.

We gathered her up, made sure she didn't have a concussion, called Grandma, and then took her to the Instacare in Springville. They were just closing when we got there so we were instructed to take her to Provo for medical attention. It is pretty uncomfortable to see your child have staples placed in their head. She was holding onto me and digging her nails into my hands. I now know what I put Jake through last May... The biggest concern for Ellie was that she was told she couldn't go to gymnastics for the week.

Ellie is such an interesting girl. She is a ball of fire for sure!