Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Intermountain Healing Hearts - Walk for Healing Hearts

On Sept 11, 2010 we participated in the annual Walk for Healing Hearts. I love participating in this event and look forward to it every year. To me its a celebration of life - for those that are living with and courageously fighting their congenital heart defects and for those that have lost their battle whom we honor their memories. I especially love to see all of our friends and that we get to "catch" up with each other. Its about finding the strength within each other to keep up with the kind of life that a CHD hands you - the doctors visits, the worry, the intervention... but its good to see that you're not alone.

I was so grateful that Janice, my little sister that is living in Nashville, came out over the weekend and went with us to that event. I'm glad too that Jake's family could support us again.

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