Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big 80

Sterling Alma Larson
August 26, 1928 - March 11, 1991

My sister Anne, just called me and reminded me that today would have been my dad's birthday... not just any birthday either. Dad, if he were alive today, would have turned 80 years old. (See Mom & Dad Ellinger - you're just teenagers compared to my dad!) How many 27 yr olds can say that their dad would have been 80? Of course, having a dad that was 53 when I was born made it so he isn't here now.

I don't remember much about Dad, except that he was sick with heart issues which involved several heart procedures (different than Nathan's), and that he LOVED coke and the Price is Right. I also remember the afternoon that he took Janice and I to pick up mom from work and he got lost! Mom was furious when we showed up 3-4 hours late! As Dad was so sick, with one night a year or so before he actually passed away that the family spent the night by his bedside as if he were going to die, Janice and I were bounced back and force between Heidi and Bill's families. The years I would have actually remembered Dad, we weren't really with him that much. I wish that I could have known him better.

Happy Birthday Dad! We miss you and look forward to seeing you again someday!


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

Thanks for sharing about your dad. It is important to remember those dates that are significant in history. It is so great that you are writing down some of these thoughts that you have as your children will grow older and will be able to read some of those thoughts that their mother had. As you have wished that your mom and dad would have written down their thoughts so that you would have known them better, your children will not have to have that wish. You are taking care of that. Good for you!

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I think I was a little apprehensive about more kids at first, but I had a strong impression that another needed to follow Rebekah soon afterward. Don't know why, but the Lord does. I also took a lot of comfort in a few Ensign articles. One called "Faithe, Hope, and Elijah", the other "A Talent for Touching Lives". They gave me a lot of hope, perspective, and faith. The good thing is, you don't have to have another kid right now!