Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forgetfullness, Growth, and a Little Daily Insight

With all of our company at our house lately, I have spaced out a few appointments until the last minute or I've completely forgotten about them at all! Last night, Jake and I decided to go to Macey's and stock up on a few items for emergency prepardness. We wanted to buy a 55 gallon water barrel but our little pontiac wasn't built to handle anything that size. After I got home from work, Jake & I called Brian to borrow his truck. We piled into the car with the kids and drove to Brian's house to pick it up with the intention to head to the store, transport our stuff home and then take the truck back to Brian. While I was at Brian's, Nathan's nurse called and said that she was running behind and that she would be to our house in 15 minutes. I had completely forgotten all about her! So we raced home while Hollie waited on our front porch for us to get there.

I was glad that Hollie came; I like having someone consistently weigh him and chart his growth. She also addressed some of our concerns, like immunizations, helmet problems, issues with the button... I'm just so happy to have someone come to us to help us instead of us taking ANOTHER trip to the pediatrician or up to Primary's.

Here's Nathan's current weight, height, and head circumfrance status: (He has his diaper on during his weight)

Weight: 15lbs 2 oz (5th percentile)
Height: 26 inches (12th percentile)
Head: 43 centimeters (20th percentile)

Way to go Nathan! He's gotten 3/4 an inch taller in the last month and gained 14 oz! That has been his best growth in a month ever! His head hasn't gotten any bigger (its just shifted with the helmet), but he is exactly following his growth curve!

I have to add in this post some Jake and Elisabeth funnies.... these incidences really tell alot about them!

First, Jake is a pretty funny guy with a lot of strong likes. He adores big screen tv's, HD, World of War Craft, his egg cooking toaster, and above all fresh corn on the cob. The other morning we were driving to Macey's and somehow by the old race track we got behind a farmer who was carrying a truck load of freshly cut corn on the cob. The truck was stopped at a stop sign and then lurched forward to go again. One of the pieces of corn fell off of the back of the truck. "Stop, stop!" Jake excitedly screamed. I was wondering what the heck was going on or if I had forgotten something at home. So I stopped the car and Jake jumped out giddy as a school girl and ran and picked up the piece of corn lying on the road. (I just have to add here that we are not that desperately poor; Jake just has serious food issues!) Leave it to Jake to pull a stunt like that!

Elisabeth has been extra concerned lately about her Grandma Ellinger because we include her in our prayers (along with Nathan) every night to get stronger. On Sunday evening I took Nathan and Elisabeth over to her grandparents house to visit for a couple of minutes. Grandma mentioned how much she loves Elisabeth's "Healing Hugs". Last night, Elisabeth insisted that she had to go to grandma's house just to give her a "healing hug". I told her that would be fine but that we'd quickly stop by and Elisabeth could give Grandma 1 "healing hug". Elisabeth was thoughtful for a moment and then added, "Ok, I'll give her 1 healing hug and 1 regular hug". I thought that was pretty funny that she using her little mind to figure out how to get what she wanted. She went off to play and then came back about 3 minutes later. "Mom, after I give grandma 1 healing hug and 1 regular hug, I NEED to play with her dollhouse!" Sorry grandma, I think the hug thing is just a ploy to be able to go and play with your awesome dollhouse! Kids say the darnest things sometimes!

So that's our life of forgetfulness, growth, and the Ellinger funnies!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I totally enjoyred your entry and read it with a chuckle at each event mentioned. It is good to see that even the young uns will forget appointments, etc. I just thought that was an "old person's" problem. As for Jake, he was always "giddy" about things, so I'm not surprised that one corn on the cob would do that for him. That's what makes him so fun. Despite the theory of the dollhouse being the reason to come see grandma, we discovered tonight that "feeding the flowers" took precedence over the dollhouse tonight. But grandma did get her "healing hugs" and "regular hugs" several times while she was here to visit. I loved them. Thanks for sharing.