Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bionic Boy least that's what he should be called because he's running out of body parts to operate on!

Once again on June 29th, Nathan's going to be back in the PICU at Primary Children's looking like this:

(small side note here: that blue thread coming out his mouth was sewn in through his tongue to hold it down and not block Nathan's airway while he mouth was so swollen on the inside. It seriously creeped me out to know that the doctor had stuck a needle through Nathan's tongue.)

Only this time it won't be on his cleft, he will be having his tonsils out, having his adenoids shaved down somewhat, and then a camera stuck down through his cranial openings to have a good look at why Nathan still is having serious airway obstruction. Jake and I have opted to go this route first. If this doesn't work, Nathan may need his tongue advanced in his mouth.

*Patsy, I know we originally told you it was going to be July 14th. However, I got home and realized that our insurance plan year starts over again on July 1st. Since we already maxed out our insurance this year, we won't have to pay for that operation. We'd pay out the nose for it first thing in July. The doctor's office told us that was the earliest time to do it since it will only be 7 weeks out from Nathan having his cleft surgery.


Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

So sad to see this sweet little guy having to go through so much!
Let us know if you guys need anything.

The Mom said...

I am so glad that I was with little Nathan tonight to see how much better he is doing so that I could see these pictures of him at the hospital. It is a sad sight. It is sad to know that he will need another operation but do hope and pray that this one will make things better so he has a better airway to breath. Thanks for all that you both do for him.