Saturday, May 16, 2009

Play is the Universal Language of Childhood

Yesterday I had to take Nathan up to see Dr. Siddiqi and Dr. Park for a look at his cleft and his airway. Since the appointment was at 9:00 a.m., I told Elisabeth that if she worked hard at completing her chores this week that we would go to the Children's Museum. That was enough motivation for her and her chores have been done all week! What a difference that has made to how our house looks!

Patsy, Jake's Mom, was so good to come with me and the kids. She brought Elisabeth up to Salt Lake so I wouldn't have to take her to the doctor's offices. Its nice having a grandma so close that likes to do fun things with us. Both of the kids adore her!

We had a good time playing in the house, pretending to be fire fighters, making a butterfly sun-catcher, touching a frog, drawing, building towers out of blocks to outlast an earthquake, and just enjoying my kids. Sometimes I think I get so busy taking care of Ellie's & Nathan's physical needs, that I don't help development their emotional needs as well. I really do enjoy just sitting and watching them play.

I decided that since we are up at Primary's at least twice a month still, that I would buy a year pass to the Discovery Gateway. It will be a nice treat to look forward to on the days that we have to go up and sit and wait for doctors. Plus I think that it will be nice for Jake to have something to do with the kids this summer.

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The Mom said...

That was a fun time. Thanks for inviting me.