Monday, May 18, 2009

How Do You Sleep Like That?


That's Ellie's method of going to bed. Notice Sally the blue dog and Cassi her doll with her. Those two accompany her to bed every night. So why did we buy her a bed when a $20.00 bean bag is her choice of places to crash?


Janice & Don said...

Don't you know that it is sooo much cooler to not sleep in your bed? Brennan too would rather sleep with his pillow on his bedroom floor... must be a Larson thing!

The Mom said...

So I asked Elisabeth yesterday about her sleeping on the floor, and in the beanbag, etc. She told me that when Cassi is on the floor when she wakes up she just goes and lays down beside her and goes to sleep. Now doesn't that seem like a pretty good reason to not sleep in your comfortable bed? Go figure!