Monday, May 11, 2009

Slacker Blogger

Ok, so I haven't been very good at updating since Nathan left the hospital. He was able to come home on Sunday, May 3 after only 2 days in the hospital. That has to be a record for him! I think though that the doctors have a better feeling for Nathan and also that they understand that Jake and I are capable of taking care of him and his equipment at home just as well as the nurses would at the hospital.

While Nathan was able to come home faster, he also has grown very leery of everyone around him except for Mom and Dad. Even then, sometimes Dad isn't good enough. He's been VERY clingy this week. I can't blame him. I think this is an age appropriate thing too as Nathan is old enough developmentally to start to become aware of strangers. Ellie didn't really go through this phase very long, but if I remember right Kristin's girls were that way for about 9 months. Correct me if I'm wrong Kris.

Nathan still isn't walking with his 16 month mark coming up on the 22nd. We were warned by his physical therapist that Nathan will be closer to 18 - 19 months before that happens. He'll walk with a push toy, but doesn't have the balance or stamina to do it on his own yet. He can, however, now crawl down the stairs by himself when he really wants something. He's making progress and even though its little by little, he's still coming along!

I had a nice Mother's Day with Jake giving me a Willow Tree figurine and an outside rocker from Cracker Barrel. I'm excited to use it for watching Ellie ride her bike or scooter in our driveway. The primary children made a card to their mom's where each of the kids were asked how they know that their Moms love them. Ellie responded: "When she plays with me and my brother". I need to remember to sit and enjoy my kids instead of being so busy trying to get everything in life done that I hardly spend one on one time with them. It was a sweet reminder.


Janice & Don said...

It must be a theme for mother's day~ I got rockers for my back patio too!

The Mom said...

I am glad that you realize that playing with the kids is important too. Believe me you will regret it if you don't. I did! Just enjoy. They are so entertaining. Who needs television when you have an imaginative kid?