Monday, October 19, 2009

Ellinger Halloween Party 2009

We had the Ellinger Family Halloween party on the 17th and had such a great time! The costumes were awesome (leave it to Dan & Calli to come up with such fun costumes year after year!), and the kids loved the different activities. The kids decorated some Halloween masks, had a cake walk that Nathan won, and played Bingo. The adults had a competition of trying to eat the donuts off the string the fastest. I won with Kath coming in a VERY CLOSE second. We look forward to this party every year.

Grandma also took a "teaching moment" and talked with the kids about washing their hands. Now I have an OCD child who thinks that she has to wash her hands every couple of minutes. Poor Mallory was afraid of the germs after Grandma told her that children were dying from the H1N1 flu for not washing their hands! There are certainly worse things that a child could be OCD over than washing hands:).

Elisabeth and Libby both dressed as Snow White, Nathan as Nemo, Mallory as Cinderella, Keaton was Luke Skywalker, Kierra as Princess Leah, and Kylan as Yoda. Nathan didn't like the head of his costume, but he was VERY PROUD of being Nemo!


carolyn q said...

I think Nathan is the cutest Nemo I have ever seen. Last year my Nathan was the Jedi and Cole was Yoda. This year Nathan is Commander Cody and Cole is going to be a ketchup bottle because he LOVES ketchup so much!
Thanks for sharing. . .it looks like they all had fun!

Janice & Don said...

Awww... Nate is such a cute nemo! And Ellie, as always, is a beautiful princess. Looks like they had lots of fun. What a great family tradition!

Tammy said...

so cute what a fun halloween party!