Monday, October 19, 2009

Pre Op 10/19/2009

This morning Nathan went in for his hernia repair and to have his nissen redone. He's always such a happy baby when he goes in for surgery which I've decided makes it almost harder to hand him over. A dose of versed in the nose made him extremely happy go lucky and loopy. He only cried a little when he was handed over to the anesthesiologist. I was VERY impressed with the anesthesiologist who took time to go over Nathan's very lengthy history and to tell me her plan of helping Nathan get the breathing tube out easier. Nathan's sleep study was rushed for this surgery and the results showed that Nathan's severe obstructive sleep apnea was worse than at this time last year. That was very disturbing to Jake and I, especially as the ENT and sleep doctor were concerned that Nathan may have possibly developed pulmonary hypertension. After a lot of phone calls on Friday, it was decided that while Nathan was already in surgery a sedated echo would be performed to check on his heart. One thing that I appreciate about Nathan's doctors at Primary's is that they are open about speaking with us (Dr. Park called my cell phone twice last week to speak with me concerning Nathan's apnea instead of Nathan going in for the doctor visit) and that they work well with each other in determining what is best for Nathan. It is a team approach and no one does anything to Nathan without consulting cardiology and the ENT. Did I mention that I Dr. Park is my favorite doctor of Nathan's?

Since Jake had very little sick leave after his tumor surgery, Kathleen, Jake's older sister, took time off to come and sit with me in the waiting area. She's such a great sister in law and Nathan loves her. Every child needs an Aunt Kath.

I'll post more as the surgery progresses. Nathan is an extremely hard poke and even though he went into surgery at 9:45 a.m., the surgery didn't start until 10:40 a.m. I'm glad that they wait to put the IV in after he's asleep! Poor little guy!


carolyn q said...

Keeping tabs to see how things go. Oh, the pictures of him in his surgery pj's are just to cute! Praying for good things.

Hollie said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today. I hope that the surgery goes smoothly and that he has an uneventful recovery.
Hollie <3

Janice & Don said...

I'm praying for him. I love that little man! He's such a strong and brave little guy. I can't wait to see him in a couple of days.