Monday, October 26, 2009

A Trip to FYZ (Forever Young Zone)

One of the best parts of Primary's is the Forever Young Zone. On Wednesday, Janice & I took Nathan for a little trip in a wagon over there to play. He loved the Thomas the Train and also loved just riding around in the wagon. When Nathan first got up to walk he looked as if he had never taken a step before. Shaky as he was he got right back up and tried again. That is very symoblic of Nathan's attitude/approach to life thus far. I realize he doesn't know life any differently, but I could never have endured what this little guy has had to suffer through.

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Janice & Don said...

Those wagons were the best! How they could ever expect a kid to sit in a wheelchair is beyond me!?!

FYI~ Just seeing/thinking about that Thomas is making my tummy churn!