Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank Goodness for Janice

My little sister Janice was super sweet and dropped everything to come and help me while Nathan was in the hospital. She's a very go-getter kind of person and she helped get my house back in order along with doing some badly needed projects.

Here is what we did:

Finish putting together Nathan's room with the BYU banner, pictures, and a growth chart.

She also helped me redo the bar stools to add a better fabric and a protective cover to them. I loved the way they turned out!

We scrubbed the whole house, got all of the laundry done (the amount of laundry I had to do could have sent anyone into a serious depression), the bathrooms truly scrubbed like they should be, labeled my food storage, and installed a new dishwasher. Yeah, our junky cheap dishwasher quit working a couple of months ago and so Janice took me to get a new one and Tammy's sweet husband Ben installed it for us. Its amazing what a working dishwasher can do to help keep a kitchen clean.

I have the best little sister in the world. Thanks Janice for all of your help!


Janice & Don said...

You do have the best little sister ever don't you?! Ah.... I'm glad you can finally admit that it was a good idea not to kill me when we were little.

Thanks for the assistance in making my head swell :)

Love you!!

Janice & Don said...

Oh, and you forgot to mention the hanging of the family and fixing of the pictures...

just sayin'

Dan & Calli Ellinger said...

Nathan's room turned out very cute!
What a great sister you have!