Monday, February 22, 2010

Anyone up for a game of chubby bunny?

A mother should never cringe after looking at their child, but oh, Nathan's face looks so painful! He is a much better sport about it than I would be. I know this for sure since I was not a very good patient last March when I had my own jaw surgery!

Yesterday (Sunday) was a much better day overall for Nathan. We brought him a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD to watch and he was SO EXCITED to sit and view it. He stood up in his crib and was trying to hold onto the crib bars and dance a little! Overall you can tell he's still pretty miserable, but he's such a trooper.

He would have done even better yesterday if the nurse hadn't forgotten his afternoon pain medication. This is my biggest complaint about having a hospital too full. The nurses are trying to do more than what they should have to be. Nathan's nurses weren't just sitting around the station chit chatting with each other. They were bustling around. Since Jake and I slept in a little yesterday we didn't get to the hospital till late morning. We watched Mickey and then decided to have Nathan get up and move a little bit. We got a wagon and took him to the Forever Young Zone (the playroom for inpatients at the hospital). He loved every minute of it till the pain hit him like a train. He was sitting there and all of a sudden he started screaming and crying. We hurried and took him back to the room to discover he had gone almost 7 hours without pain meds. Oh, I miss the PICU. There's a certain level of comfort there knowing that the kids are being watched like hawks and that pain management isn't overlooked. I probably feel way too secure in the PICU, but it broke my heart to see Nathan hurting like that and not being able to communicate how he was feeling other than crying.

The distraction (the moving of the pins to break his jaw and move it forward) starts today. Ugh, poor little guy!


Melissa said...

oh, he looks miserable!! Sounds like he is being real good about it all though. Hoping it all goes well!

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Poor, sweet little Nathan. Oh, my heart just breaks for him. I hope they are keeping him comfortable up there. I'm sorry you even have to be up there at all.

Give him a soft hug for me. I'm praying for him.

Quinney Family said...

Hurray for the update.:) It was great to meet you guys. Bryson just loves his frog doodle pad. Thanks so much! I was glad to see that you guys were able to get out of the room a little bit. Keep hanging in there. Prayers are with you guys!
Brysons mom

Kristine said...

Poor baby. I can't believe he has to go through's just so sad. What an amazing little boy you have! I'm sure I wouldn't be as brave or tolerant. I hope it's all over quickly.

liz said...

Oh Stephanie... I can barely look at these pictures without getting big alligator tears in my eyes!!! I can't even imagine what you guys are going through! Just know that I am thinking and praying for you guys!