Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Party Fit for a Princess.... Happy 5th Birthday Ellie!

For Ellie's 5th birthday we decided to throw her a princess birthday party, complete with fully dressed princesses, an updo, and a tea party. We invited 9 little girls to come to the party dressed in their princess best. Every child invited came to the party!

We began with Grandma reading "Sleeping Beauty" to the the princesses as they awaited each other's royal arrivals. When it was time to go, we buckled all of the girls in their booster seats and took them to MATC college in Spanish Fork. Our babysitter, Nicole, is going to school there at night. The school has a program for their girls to gain experience and so they charge $5.00 for a birthday party per child to have an updo, small makeup done, and their nails painted. The girls were in 7th heaven being made up to look like little princesses! All of the girls looked so adorable!

After we were done at the school, we came home to play a game and to have a small tea party. I bought green and pink bread from the Provo Bakery and the girls had chicken salad sandwhiches (or peanut butter), along with pink lemonade, pink cupcakes and ice cream.

Following that Ellie opened all of her birthday presents. This year I made a Heritage Maker's book for her. It included pictures of Ellie from birth to age 5. She has been looking at it every day and asking us more stories about when she was younger. I love that she likes it so much!

This was a fun party and I appreciated everybody's help with keeping things under control!

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Tammy said...

It looks like the girls had a wonderful time! ellie looks just like cinderella! What a special party for a special age! You are the best mom steph!