Sunday, February 28, 2010

What do Marie Osmond and Nathan have in common?

The contents of Nathan's stomach. (And no, I didn't get a picture of this one!)

On Tuesday the Children's Miracle Network was doing a fund raiser through IHOP where IHOP donated free pancakes that day and then "donations" could be accepted. Marie Osmond is on of the spokespersons for the foundation and so Tuesday afternoon she popped her head into our room and asked if we'd like a visitor. Nathan hadn't been doing particularly well with his feedings that day and was having lots of retching problems. Nathan was sitting on my lap when Marie came in the room. She was very happy, (SKINNY), and very personable. She chit-chatted about Donny winning "Dancing With the Stars" and not her. She also brought in a blanket and asked Nathan if he wanted it. Clear as day Nathan retorted a clear "No" out of his mouth. I guess not many people say no to Marie and so she was a little taken back and passed the blanket to give it to me instead. I put the blanket underneath Nathan's crib when Nathan started retching badly. His sats started dropping and his heart rate shot up into the 180's. The nurse was watching Nathan outside of the room as I pulled out the g-tube syringe to vent him. Before I could unclasp the g-tube clamp Nathan started throwing up on me. With his nissen, this is a very unusual occurrence to have so much force as to be able to do that. When the clamp was undone, Nathan's stomach had so much pressure that the milk, bile, and mucus in Nathan's tummy flew out of the g-tube and syringe like someone shooting a water gun. Marie was right in the line of fire.

The nurses came running in to help me and Marie backed out of the way to the door. "Um, I think you're a little busy at the moment. I'll come back later" was what came out of her mouth. The truth is she didn't return and I couldn't blame her! The nurses at the nursing station were laughing about it as soon as she left the pod we were on.

Does Nathan know how to leave a strong impression or what?


Aimee Hardy said...

That is classic. Nicely done Nathan. Ha! Great story.

Kyle and Alli said...

The picture you just painted is terrific!! Poor Nathan to be feeling that yucky, but I bet that Marie will have a face to the real issues dealt with at the hospital!

Quinney Family said...

Glad to see an update...and a memorable one at that:)

Melissa said...

That is a great story. I hope the puke subsided quickly!!

Sheena said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Okay, probably not so much for Marie, but what a great story. I feel so bad for Nathan though, poor little guy. We are all praying that he gets better quickly.