Monday, July 28, 2008

Angel Isaac

Yesterday morning I checked the website for the IHH website for an update as to Nathan's heart friends. We have gotten to know several of these families and the struggles that they are going through. Like I was telling Jake's mom, its nice to be able to talk with people who really understand what you're going through. For example, I was able to talk to a couple of different mom's about what it felt like for them to hand their babies over to Dr. Hawkins knowing that a heart/lung bypass machine was keeping their baby alive while their child's heart was intentionally stopped to be repaired. The understanding, love, and empathy shared by this group with all of its members is almost like the love shared by immediate family members. One family in particular, the Brimley's, have had an especially difficult trial. Their son, Isaac, was born in January a few weeks before Nathan. He was born with the the congenital heart defect of HLHS, which basically means he was born with only half a heart. His parents extended themselves to EVERYONE in the group with warm welcoming hugs and visits to others in the hospital. While Nathan was in the PICU after his open heart surgery, Isaac was in the room next to him in the quiet corner where the heart kids are kept. Jessica and Paul made a special point to come and visit Nathan and talk with us. They made us feel so important and loved, even when their child was fighting for his life. Isaac was able to go home for 9 days and then he was brought back to the PICU for increased problems. On Saturday night he returned home to our Father in Heaven.

I can't imagine what they must be feeling. Its hard to understand why some children with CHD's are allowed to stay and others are taken home so quickly. I held Nathan most of the day yesterday and had a hard time leaving him to go to work this morning. I also spent some time last night laying awake and wondering what my mom must have felt when Beth passed away. The reality of how fragile life really is hit home quite hard last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brimley's as they go through the grieving process. Isaac was a fighter and will surely be missed by all who loved and knew him.


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

Such a tender message about this little Isaac Angel. Thank you for sharing and helping us to remember that "each day of life is a gift". You are truly experiencing empathy for others who are struggling with similar health problems with their children. How little Nathan has brought joy to all those around. No wonder you want him close during pensive hours like you have had.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

Shortly after Rebekah was born, we had friend who gave birth to their second son. Turns out he was born with lukemia. They lived at PCMC off and on for 9 months until their little son passed away. I learned so much from their experience and their continued love for their son that they knew would not live long. What great perspective to have wonderful friends who teach you more about love than even your struggling child.