Friday, July 18, 2008

We Want/Need Your Help!!!

Jake, Nathan, Elisabeth & I belong to a group called Intermountain Healing Hearts, which is a heart group for children that have undergone or will undergo heart surgery for a congenital heart defect (a defect that is present at birth). This group and its members have been very supportive when Nathan had his surgery and because a lot of the kids with heart defects also have other issues (like Nathan)its been very helpful to be able to ask questions about how other families deal with their day to day trials. This group isn't very old (I think it was formed last year)but its membership is already well past a hundred families. Most of the kids have been hospitalized at Primary Children's Medical Center at one point or another. I cannot tell you how much these strangers have had such an impact on our lives in the last six months. We follow some of the other heart kids and cry for babies who become "angels" that we haven't ever met personally but are fully aware of their stories. We have such a strong bond with these families and their friendships are priceless!

So here's the deal: They are having a fun run/walkathon on September 6th. There have been a lot of people who have asked us how they can help Nathan. This is how: please fill out a registration form and send it in to participate in this event. The money helps this group provide care bags to its members. They are also hoping to be able in the future to provide monetary support for those members in serious need. Now, if you don't want to participate because you feel funny about it or are too far away, Jake and I are asking for donations that we can give one HUGE donation in behalf of Nathan. I know with gas prices and all that its hard to squeeze out extra money, but every little dollar helps.

Don't make me call and beg you for a donation, because I support this group so much that I will! Let me shed a little light on this for you; Nathan's hospitalization bill for only 6 days in the hospital for his open heart surgery has come close to $150,000. We haven't seen all of the bills come in yet either. Fortunately for us, I'm employed by the state and we hit our max out of pocket shortly after Nathan's birth so it didn't cost us a dime. What a blessing though this could be to others!
It also takes money to hold a group like this together and there is no other support group out there for families dealing with these AWFUL experiences in Utah. They need your help! So, Ellinger clan - I will be asking everyone for help at the family reunion if I haven't heard from you before then. Larson family - I will call each of you personally if I don't hear from you by mid August. Tammy - I really, really want you to come with us to this!

Like I said, every little dollar counts if that's all you think you can donate. If you have any other friends or anyone else that might be interested, please ask as well. Send me an email to: if you wish to donate anything or plan on participating.



Sheena said...

I would like to help out. Since I can't be there for the walk thing I will bring a check when I come for the reunion.

Melissa said...

Hurrah!! Thanks for posting about the fun run! I can't wait to meet you and your darling family! See you on the 6th of Sept!
Melissa Andrew - IHH