Thursday, July 3, 2008

A True Blue BYU Cougar!

I took Nathan on Thursday, July 3rd, to pick up his helmet from Shield's Orthotics in Salt Lake. The first time it was put on his head he screamed! Can you blame him (the helmet is pretty heavy for a baby his size)? Hopefully he will only have to wear it for about 3 months or so. Jake and I couldn't let Nathan go around with an ugly helmet on his head so we spruced it up a bit by adding BYU decals on it. We are also going to add little stickers for every goal that we achieve with him (like they do on the football team for academics, service, and team work). We're hoping that we can add lots and lots of stickers in the next couple of months. We also bought Nathan a little BYU t-shirt and a football. Now, with Nathan's heart he isn't likely going to be playing football for BYU but the Y should't put up too much of a fuss for letting him in the school. With the two scars down Nathan's jaw and 1 scar down the center of his chest for his heart he has a "Y" scar that he'll be wearing the rest of his life. How much more dedicated can you get than that? Jake wants me to take Nathan and have a few professional pictures taken of him in his new BYU attire. When I get around to getting that done, I'll put some better pictures up.

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

So he totally looks like a BYU football player, especially in that fourth picture down. He has that serious look of a defensive team player. What a great idea to decorate his helmet. It will be fun for him to see in later years. I especially like the ideas of reaching the goals. Hopefully this will help his little skull develop better.