Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disney on Ice

(Camera's weren't allowed in, so I swiped a few of these pictures off of the web).

About a month ago when Jake and I were on our "kick" to be a tourist in our own backyard, we bought tickets for Disney on Ice. Originally we wanted to do it because they were doing this sale where you could get $5.00 off each ticket purchased according the the Savvy Shopping Website I liked to use. As soon as those tickets were purchased though, I was just so excited to take Ellie to see her favorite princesses! The best part? We were able to buy tickets on the 3rd row so we could see everything clearly!

Elisabeth and Nathan were both entranced by the show. It is an amazing production that has been put together. The costumes were incredible, the dancers were fabulous, and it was kept on a level so that both boys and girls would be kept interested in what was happening. I have to admit, Jake and I were just as enthralled with it as Elisabeth was! This was one of those awesome parent moments; Ellie didn't let a smile off her face the whole time the show was going! As each new character came out that she knew it was "Oh, they're my FAVORITE!" After the grand finale, all of the characters moved to the side of the ice rink and started shaking the kids' hands. Jake grabbed Ellie and because we were so close, he pushed to the front and Ellie got to shake hands with Minnie Mouse and Pinnochio!

The only bad part of the night was that Ellie was dying to have a toy purchased there. Jake and I didn't want to pay 2 times the amount for a toy than what we could purchase at Walmart so we had to drag her out of the Energy Solutions Arena kicking and screaming. Aren't 3 year olds great? At least Jake and I weren't the only mean parents; I saw a half a dozen other parents doing the same thing and the kids were crying just as loud as Ellie. (Ellie can be such a drama queen though that she can really overdue it sometimes!).

We all were so hungry after the show that we took the kids and went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to grab some dinner. We ate at the Garden Restaurant and had Ellie pretend that she was a princess so that she wouldn't eat like the general savage she usually is. I think she's going to be a lot like her dad; she ate some of Jake's Tomato Asiago Soup and loved it! It had a strong taste but was really great. It wasn't something that I would have thought that she'd like. It was a good thing that the restaurant was only half full because after about a half an hour she lost interest in the food and went and sat by the window looking down on Salt Lake and the Temple. All in all, she did really well at dinner time.

My favorite part of the night was walking back through the Visitor's Center at Temple Square. We walked by a picture of the prophet and Ellie said, "Oh! That's President Monson!" Mine and Jake's hearts just melted. She has some pretty great primary teachers! We also talked to her about where Heavenly Father and Jesus lives. She thinks the temple is a castle still, but in her mind that's where princesses live and get married so that isn't necessarily a bad thing! We just have a little more work to do! We plan on taking the kids back in December to see the Christmas lights and also the Cristus.

I love being able to spend time together with the kids and Jake without any interruptions. We had such a great time last night. So good, that Jake and I only got slightly irratated at Ellie for having an "accident" in her pants and having to go to Wendy's to change her clothes. (That just shows that everything can't be perfect!)


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

It did my heart good to read your write up of the events of last night. I am so glad when any of my grandkids can get out and have different experiences enjoying and learning. I am so glad that you had a nice evening with the family - it helps to feel that life can be getting back into some sort of balance after all that you have been through this past year.

Janice & Don said...

That sounded like so much fun! I can only imagine how excited Ellie was. I know it will be something that she'll remember for a long time (like all of those BYU theater tickets long ago). So much fun!