Monday, November 17, 2008

The Official Announcement

Ellie has decided that the only way to get a new brother or sister is to campaign for one. Actually, in her "magical thinking" stage as Grandma Ellinger and Dad calls it she has decided that I am pregnant with a sister for her.

I am here to tell you that I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!

I feel it is necessary to say this because not only did Grandma Ellinger pull me aside a couple of months ago to ask if I had any important news to tell her, but Nicole also called and asked me one day on my way to work. To top it off, Ellie's nursery teachers pulled me aside yesterday when I was picking her up to ask. Ellie has been telling EVERYONE that I am.

I am taking this in strides because I know that I haven't been taking care of myself very well since Nathan was born. But seriously, would anyone believe after Nathan was born with all of these issues that I would just up and have another baby this fast? I've had a couple of girls in the ward ask when I was having another baby because all they see me with is Elisabeth since Nathan doesn't go to church. I keep my mouth shut, but I've decided that's a question that you shouldn't ask people. After all, its a personal thing and every one's situation is different. I sometimes feel like I am drowning under the weight of working full time and being a mom to 2 small children (one with a TON of special needs). Having a 3rd kid in the next 5 years is not part of the plan.


Christina said...

That's totally classic! My daughter used to pray for the "two babies in mommy's tummy" before I was pregnant again.

hugs & prayers,

Janice & Don said...

I'm glad you clarified your "announcement"~ I was a little concerned when I first read it! Elisabeth is getting to be such an imaginative kid- we can't wait until you come out in January!