Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Minnie Mouse and Little Dinosaur

This year Elisabeth, Nathan, Jake, Grandpa Ellinger and myself went to the trunk or treat. We really missed having Grandma there and hopefully she will feel well enough next year to attend. This was really the first year that Elisabeth TRULY understood what was going on. She made a very feeble attempt to say trick or treat. I think that was mostly due to all of the older kids who came out of the woodworks and would just open their bags and expect candy. She had a really good time though.

Nathan didn't really know what was going on and at first did not want to be in his costume. I woke him up from his nap to go to the Trunk or Treat and he was not a happy camper! However, by the time we got there he was his usually happy self.

By the time that we made it around the cars, Grandpa was on the verge of running out of all of the candy that both Jake & I and he had bought! Ellie proudly gave away the last of the candy to the trick or treaters and then we went back home to show Grandma our cool costumes.

One fun thing that Jake and I did was go back to our old ward in Spanish Fork to trick or treat around the main culdasac. It was so fun showing off Nathan to some of our friends! What was especially fun was that about a month ago I had run into Leslie Walker from our old ward during one of my audits. I had updated her on life and she passed on the information to her husband who is on the high council. Her husband happened to be speaking in our old ward about adversity and so he included us in his talk. There were many ward members who said how great Nathan looked and were happy to see us. I like our new ward, but there was something really special about the ward that we just came from.

By the time we got home at 9:00 p.m., we were all STARVING for real food and tired as can be. Elisabeth had a break down when I told her to take off the costume and she cried about being told to go to bed. Finally she told me she would go to bed. Jake checked on her a couple of minutes later and she had made herself a "New" bed on Nathan's changing table! She had also fallen asleep on top of it! Of course Jake had to grab the camera and take a few pictures!

The only bad part of Halloween is that our plans with Tammy and Ben fell through. Elisabeth was sad that she didn't get to see Kayden! That's ok though, maybe next year we can go with them again.

It was awesome to see Elisabeth in my old Minnie Mouse costume from when I was a kid. She looked adorable (what can I say, I'm pretty biased!).


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I am so glad that you got these pictures on. I have been anxiously waiting to see the pictures, especially the one that Elisabeth is sleeping on the changing table. Very interesting. They are both adorable little Halloween critters. Thanks for sharing.

Janice & Don said...

Super Cute! I still think that Elisabeth looks so much like you~ and Nathan is getting so big!

Tammy said...

simply adorable family!! sorry about the plans , next year is a definite!!! plus it will be on a sat so it will be easier for every one!!