Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That Darn Cleft!!!

Nathan, Ellie and I trekked up to Primary Children's again today to have Nathan's helmet status evaluated. When I saw Dr. Siddiqi I mentioned to him that because of my available FMLA time, we would have to move Nathan's original final cleft surgery date from January 7th to sometime in February. The doctor said that would be fine. He looked at Nathan's head and said that it would be ideal if we could keep the helmet on him at night for one more month, but if it was too hard with the BiPap machine, that we could leave it off. As the doctor was getting ready to leave I asked if I would need to see Dr. Yamashiro (the orthodontist who made the temporary prosthesis). Dr. Siddiqi said that he'd take a look at Nathan's mouth and see. We laid Nathan on his lap and when he opened Nathan's mouth, the prosthesis started flopping up and down! I rolled my eyes because even before Dr. Siddiqi opened his mouth, I knew what he was going to say!

"We've got to get Nathan back to the operating room to put that in more tightly."

I'm still wondering if there is a rapid rewards program for the use of the operating room. This will be the 11th time that Nathan has been in the operating room this year! More over, this is the 3rd time that prosthesis will have to be screwed into his mouth!

I'm grateful for a mild mannered baby who still loves me. Its probably because he isn't old enough to know how many times Jake & I've had to sign the consent form to allow Nathan to be operated on!

Mark your calendars! Nathan will be back in the operating room on November 19th for the prosthesis and again on February 9th for the final repair.


Likes Chocolate said...

Our family will keep you in our prayers. Hang tight Heavenly Father loves you and he is by your side.

Janice & Don said...

I'm so sorry that the surgery had to be moved, but it makes me happy that you'll be able to come out when the baby is born!!! Yippie! Nathan is such a trooper- he really is one of the best babies I know.

Tammy said...

Well best luck maybe you should get a stamp for the autorization forms you know if you are prepared then you can bet it wont happen :) well maybe not but its a thought good luck with all and I will call you on the 19th maybe he'll want turkey day mashed potatos after this one :) good luck little man!! Tammy