Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Pet Peeve

I love my little girl. I just have to remind myself of that several times a day sometimes....

Ellie has picked up a bad habit and refuses to change it. As we have the kids' doors child-locked, she sees it only fitting when the car stops and its time to climb out to climb into the front seat and get out of the drivers or passengers door. She can't wait 1 minute while I get out of the car to go open the door for her. Her other problem is that since she is in a booster seat, she has an assigned place in the car to sit. She refuses to actually get in the door by her seat; she only wants to climb in over Nathan's car seat (whether or not he is in it!) The problem is that most often he is in it when she wants to pull that stunt!

I hope its not like potty training to get rid of this habit!

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